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Naturals by Watsons


Naturals by Watsons is a private label by Watsons and from its best-tier. With this line, a product range (including shower gel, body lotion, body scrubs and hand cream) was launched already. In 2013, due to the increase of offerings with natural and organic ingredients in local market, Watsons decided to launch two new extension lines – one with Argan Oil, and the other with Blood Orange. With these two new lines, Watsons hopes to strengthen Naturals family and offer premium organic body care experience to its consumers.

Local consumers have already known Naturals with Olive Oil, and new products would need to be consistent with the brand’s packaging system. On the other hand, we also need to visualize the special ingredients (Argan Oil and Blood Orange) on the pack to make shelf differentiation.

CBA Asia based on Watsons’s product brief, brand personality and marketing objectives, to study in-depth the local market, consumers and trend. Under Watsons’s brand guideline, there were challenges that limited the design. However, CBA found the secret of premium product range, that the product package needs to be coherent, clean and the graphic of ingredients needs to be outstanding. CBA then worked out respectively two package designs that represented Argan Oil and Blood Orange in a consistent system. The packages look not only premium but also gives clear visual of what ingredients were added into the product line, so they gave added value to the brand’s overall image.

True Vision

Watsons hopes to strengthen Naturals family and offer premium organic body care experience to its consumers.

Watsons is a brand that consists of simple, delightful, dependable and affable personalities. Naturals by Watsons is from its best-tier, hence, the image would need to be modern, premium and says in the brand name "Naturals". CBA dived into the brand’s core value and interpreted that the package designs need to be unique and consistent with the product previous range. Target consumers who would be willing to purchase the product would also need to see the benefits clearly on the package, and believe what they are paying for has the value for money, which is the core value for Watsons.

Based on this study, CBA created the package that completes Naturals new products with Argan Oil and Blood Orange. It wins client’s trust and good relationship, and local consumers comment that all information is clearly stated and package looks very premium with the ingredients indicated.

Creative Expression

Naturals’ first launch of Olive Oil series are using the ingredient from Italy, Argan Oil is a beauty secret from Morocco, while Blood Orange is from Australia. CBA explore the culture and representative visuals in those regions, and concluded the most effective way to express the benefits of the ingredients from those regions. Hence, being inspired by those explorations and visuals, CBA come up with several illustration styles for the design, and eventually created iconic pattern/graphics for Argan Oil and Blood Orange to make each product series different from others. That is to say, Argan Oil package with Moroccan style of graphics, Blood Orange with totem pattens.


The range looks very premium, and created great shelf impact after launch. Local consumers receive the same message of premium and organic ingredients as well from the package design.

Last but not the least, CBA has unified the existing product line, as well as creating an ownable package system for future line extension to make the product line stronger under its brand personality.


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